The Plainridge Park Casino had a very successful first month, bringing in more than $18 million in revenue.

Massachusetts may nevertheless have a how to go before it turns into a casino gambling powerhouse, however their first entry into the field is down up to a start that is good.

The Plainridge Park Casino, which features only electronic games, brought in $18.1 million in revenue during its first thirty days of operations, though specialists cautioned that those numbers may decline a bit with time.

Critically, the profits mean that approximately $9 million find yourself being produced in income for state and local governments. That figure would put annual targets set by officials well within reach.

‘The commission is happy that these numbers indicate that Plainridge Park Casino is on track to quickly attain their targeted array of $86 million to $120 million annually in contribution to aid that is local’ said Massachusetts Gaming Commission spokesperson Elaine Driscoll.

Revenues In Line With Projections

Officials had projected that the Plainridge location would produce about $200 million in revenue annually.

The figures through the first month would go beyond that target by about 9 percent.

‘We are pleased with the July performance, that will be in line with expectations,’ Penn nationwide Gaming’s Eric Schippers told the Boston Herald. ‘It typically takes three to 6 months through the period that is grand-opening begin to comprehend market trends, and we’ve only now begun our marketing efforts in earnest.’

While that is cause for optimism, other people have noticed that there might be reason to believe Plainridge’s long-lasting prospects are not quite therefore rosy.

There’s always the opportunity that the casino that is first the state is observed as a novelty, and there are questions about how Plainridge will do when the larger resort casinos by having a wider variety of offerings are opened in a few years.

‘ One would expect Plainridge to excel into the beginning, but whether that levels off is likely to be the question,’ Boston university video gaming specialist Richard McGowan told the Herald. ‘ What they need to complete is build some kind up of loyalty to help keep individuals coming back after MGM’s Springfield casino and Wynn Resorts’ Everett casino open with all the bells and whistles.’

The $9 million that has been generated in tax revenue will go to city primarily and town governments throughout the state. In addition, about some of the money will support their state’s horse racing industry.

Casino Makes Payments to Town

The casino has currently started initially to benefit the city of Plainville as well.

Last week, the casino signed over its first monthly check to its host community, part of $2.7 million in yearly costs that will go to the town.

The giant, ceremonial check was made out for $277,000; typically, the month-to-month payments will likely be for $225,000, but this first payment covered both the ultimate week in June as well as the thirty days of July.

Impact on Local sales Seen that are lottery

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Lottery continues to concern yourself with the impact that is potential of casinos on its sales throughout the state.

Based on officials, there has already been a decrease that is slight sales at places that are within a 15-minute drive of the Plainridge Park Casino.

‘We are still seeing numbers that are strong retail agents such as convenience stores and gas stations that carry our items,’ said Massachusetts Lottery Interim Executive Director Michael Sweeney. ‘Where we are seeing some early decreases in that zone are in more of your restaurant, bar, lounge-type of places.’

DraftKings to Expand into UK

Jeffrey Haas, the industry veteran that has been hired to oversee DraftKing’s International expansion. (Image:

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) site DraftKings announced this week this has received a license from the British Gambling Commission (UKGC) and plans to go live with A uk-facing dfs product in the fourth quarter of the season.

Last month, the Boston-based start-up had been able to raise almost $300 million in funds to aid its planned international expansion, with around $150 million of that coming from Fox Sports, for an 11 % stake in the business.

DraftKings said it plans to move into European countries, Asia, and Latin America during 2016, and has employed Jeffrey Haas, previously of PokerStars and, to oversee the expansion.

‘DraftKings is well-poised for explosive growth internationally, and we am excited to lead their expansion efforts,’ said Haas, who will be based in the new London workplace. ‘Daily Fantasy Sports is a category that is growing North America, and now we have a tremendous opportunity to engage activities fans around the globe.’

New Concept for Brits

The move to the UK is a fascinating one.

While the country has perhaps one of the most developed gambling markets within the world, the DFS concept are going to be a totally new one there.

DFS allows customers to bet on teams or activities players throughout a given time, making points in line with the performance of their picks. Users with many points at the end of the day money out.

This is really a different possibility to regular fantasy sports, which offers games that generally last a season that is whole.

They are already popular within the UK, particularly fantasy EPL soccer, although few of the UK that is major gambling offer them for the money.

DraftKings already provides everyday Fantasy Soccer, and will no question hone this item for great britain market, as well as introducing more sports that are UK-centric such as for instance rugby and cricket.

‘ We will add new activities and games to our burgeoning roster of offerings and further connect fans to their favorite teams and players,’ confirmed DraftKings Chief Executive Officer Jason Robins. ‘We also welcome the opportunity to forge new partnerships with leagues, teams and news outlets internationally once we did with excellent success in the us.’

Will the UK Bite?

Whether DFS will have the exact same type of huge impact as it has done into the US, in a market where individuals are absolve to bet on real-life sporting results, remains to be seen.

For all Americans, DFS could be the closest they have to placing a legal sports bet, while for the British, who is able to place bets from their cell-phones at the touch of a button at any time of the time or night, it’s going to be simply another gambling item, albeit a very engaging one.

What’s clear is that while DFS operators in the US argue that their services and products are ‘not gambling,’ thus justifying their exemption from UIGEA, into the UK, and most likely elsewhere, there is no equivocation, and a complete gambling license is required.

Borgata Responds to Ivey Countersuit

The Borgata has filed a reaction to Phil Ivey’s countersuit into the ongoing legal drama over his 2012 baccarat wins at the casino. (Image: Vegas Review-Journal)

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City has responded to a countersuit filed by professional poker player Phil Ivey, saying that their destruction of cards found in his controversial baccarat sessions were destroyed before the casino became aware that anything dubious may have happened on those times.

The response comes after lawyers for Ivey and Cheng Yin Sun filed the countersuit alleging that the Borgata had intentionally damaged the cards to be able to undermine his defense.

The dispute is finished four sessions that took place at the Borgata over the course of many months in 2012.

Ivey and Sun played baccarat in A vip that is private area winning a total of $9.6 million from the casino throughout the visits.

Borgata Becomes Suspicious After Crockfords Incident

The Borgata paid Ivey their winnings without incident.

But when Crockfords, a casino in London, refused to pay for Ivey after he likewise won millions playing baccarat with them, the Borgata took notice and sued Ivey so as to recover their losses.

In both situations, the dispute is over Ivey’s use of a method referred to as edge-sorting, one that is either an advantage play or even a form of cheating, depending on who you ask.

Interestingly, the known facts in these instances are hardly in dispute by either side; it is simply a matter of exactly how the actions of the casino and Ivey should be interpreted.

In the baccarat sessions, Ivey and Sun asked the casino to utilize a very particular set of playing cards manufactured by Gemaco. In addition they requested that the games be played with a shuffler that is automatic.

The casinos agreed to these conditions, and were likewise compliant when Ivey asked dealers to make the cards that are high the footwear 180 levels, ostensibly for superstitious reasons.

Whatever they didn’t realize was that the Gemaco cards under consideration were imperfectly cut, allowing Ivey to recognize which cards had been turned while looking at them face down.

Knowing whether specific cards had been high or low was enough to provide Ivey an advantage that is substantial the casino. In a single particularly successful session in July 2012, Ivey won $4.8 million from the Borgata over the program of 17 hours.

Countersuit Alleges Deliberate Destruction of Evidence

The defendants filed a countersuit, saying that the case should be dismissed due to the fact that the casino had destroyed the cards used in the games after the Borgata sued Ivey and Sun. They also sought fees that are legal damages under laws associated with the filing of frivolous lawsuits.

But in their response, the Borgata says that the cards were destroyed as a matter of due program, which took place before there was any dispute within the baccarat winnings.

‘Some of the cards utilized into the play at issue in this case were destroyed in the course that is regular of’s company operations, prior to plaintiff’s becoming aware of defendants’ scheme and the defect in the playing cards, and pursuant to applicable regulations,’ the response read.

Solicitors for the Borgata also say that Ivey and Sun cannot recover damages because of their ‘fraudulent conduct,’ and say that the statute of limitations has expired regarding the allegations the defendants are making.

Ivey can also be involved with a similar lawsuit against Crockfords, in which he sued the casino in an attempt to force them to pay him their winnings. An appeal is expected to be heard later this year while courts initially ruled in favor of the casino.